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Stoneground Small Palettes contain a pre-set combination of specific colours for a certain application and mixing combinations.

Earth Palette includes - Raw Sienna Warm Shade, Mayan Red, Mayan Violet, Mayan Indigo Blue, Florentine Green and Raw Umber Dark Neutral.

Prairie Palette includes - Lemon Ocher, Genuine Indian Red, Armenian Purple Ocher, Mayan Royal Blue, Nicosia Green Earth and Raw Umber Dark Neutral

Botanical Palette #1 (Warm) includes - Hansa Yellow, Marigold Orange, Scarlet, Bordeaux, Ultramarine Rose, and Dioxazine Purple

Botanical Palette #2 (Cool) includes - Dioxazine Purple, Prissian Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Aquamarine, Phthalo Green, and Hooker's Green

Calligraphy Palette includes - Bordeaux, Gold Mica, Ultramarine Blue, Bone Black, Pearl, and Silver

Metallic Palette includes - Gold Mica, Bronze, Red Mica, Mink, Silver and Pearl

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