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For centuries, artists have embellished their metal works with a greenish, bluish, or rust patina. Adding depth, texture and a stately charm, patina finishes add elegance to art and design pieces. Transform sculptures, fountains, light fixtures, or virtually any indoor or outdoor design feature with a patina finish.

Patina Green & Blue -In just hours, the unique blend of mild salts and oxidizing agents in a water-based mix, creates a beautiful patina finish that can that can take years to form naturally.

Instant Iron & Rust - made from ground iron in an acrylic solution and when applied to any paint receptive surface it gives the look and touch of wrought iron- in combination with Instant Rust a weathered iron effect can be achieved.
Copper Topper is pure ground copper in an acrylic solution and can be used to give a high-quality metallic coating. If treated with Patina Green or Patina Blue an authentic copper patina can be achieved.

Kit includes - Iron Metallic Surfacer (2 oz.), a solution of finely ground iron particles that create a layer of real metal Rust Antiquing Solution (2 oz.), for a highly textured, real rust finish.

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