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SKU: CH1905
Chromacryl can be painted on most surfaces. Mix with these versatile mediums to extend your creativity even farther.

Textile Medium makes an effective textile paint with washfast durability. Paint free-hand, block print or screen print designs onto most natural fabrics. Heat fix.

Clear Gel Medium is great as a paint extender and for transparent glazing techniques.

Impasto Gel Medium adds more body to paint, to build thick structure and texture. An excellent adhesive for mixed media and collage, and for 3D construction.

Finishing Varnish forms a tough, clear surface that enhances and protects paintings.

Retarder Medium slows down the drying time when added in small quantities. Great for blending colours, and stopping paint from clogging printing screens.

Texture Paste may be applied with or without colour, using dry brush, palette knife, cake decorating bag & tips, for heavy texture effects.

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