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SKU: DH44041
An extensive line of professional inks by Eberhard Faber. Abbreviations for applications stand for: C Calligraphy, F Fountain Pen, B Brush, T Technical Pen, A Airbrush.

Waterproof Black India has a versatile, highly workable formula, is non-fading and dries to an opaque, semi-gloss finish. Recommended for use on scratchboard and a variety of other applications. C,B,T,A.

Black Magic ink gives an intense, semi-flat black finish with the highest opacity available. Excellent adhesion for use on drafting film, paper or board. Minimal clogging, can be mixed with Fadeproof Ink. C,B,T,A.

Non-Waterproof Black is for washes. Intense carbon formula is extremely workable for producing a full scale of gray tones. C,B,A.

Non-Waterproof White is super white for opaquing and highlighting with brush or airbrush. C,B,A.

Engrossing Black is a super-permanent black, especially recommended for dry cleaner marking. Popular for lettering and music writing. C,F,A.

Eternal Black is a permanent carbon writing ink for all office reproduction work. Free-flowing for all fountain and calligraphic pens. C,F,A.

Calligraphy Waterproof Black flows beautifully in any calligraphic or fountain pen. C,F,T,A.

Sepia Calligraphy Non-Waterproof has a rich antique brown colour, and its especially free-flowing formula won't clog pens. C,F,A.

Fountain Pen India is deep black and non-waterproof for lettering, sketching, calligraphy, and italic writing. C,F,A.

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