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Incredible Acrylics is a complete reference work on this popular painting medium. Highly contemporary in style, it includes numerous stunning close-up photographs that the author, also a renowned photographer, shot specially for this book.

Well-known contemporary artist Jean-Paul van Boxtel introduces many innovative techniques and applications for acrylic paint, whose physical composition makes it incredibly versatile. The book also deals in detail with the latest trends, including gels and media. The first part of the book answers the question 'what is acrylic paint?', and goes on to describe the various products that are available. Following on from this is a 'gallery' section, providing examples of paintings that show the wide range of styles and finishes possible using acrylic paints. The author then guides you step-by-step through sixteen 'workshops', each of which uses a different set of materials, so that the reader can learn how to create their own beautiful paintings. These include still lifes, landscapes, architecture, portraits and abstract art. Careful attention is paid to health and safety throughout, and a useful colour chart at the end of the book introduces you to the range of colours available from which you can put together your own palette. The book includes exceptional photographs, taken by the author specially for this book.

A complete reference work on the use of acrylic paints. Highly contemporary in both style and content, it includes information on all the latest products and techniques. The author's stunning close-up photography is a major feature of this book, making it a feast for the eyes as well as a highly informative reference.

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