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SKU: BS6408
A series of acrylic painting mediums to expand the range of possible textures and effects. All feature high viscosity, great adhesion and flexibility with a durable non-yellowing finish. Mix directly with acrylic colour or other polymer mediums, or apply over or under colour layers.

Black Lava - a gel speckled with small black particles. Gives dramatic effects when mixed with transparent, translucent or interference colours.

Blended Fibres - a thick gel that, when dry, gives the effect of flexible fibres.

Ceramic Stucco - a thick, fine-textured gel that dries to a light gray matte stucco finish. Has the surface finish of an Italian fresco.

Glass Beads - a medium body gel that contains clear round plastic beads and dries to a semi-gloss, 'bubbly' surface. When mixed with colour creates a dramatic effect, as the beads remain clear.

Natural Sand - a fine-textured gel that dries to the appearance of glossy beach sand.

Resin Sand - a thick, coarse gel that dries to a semi-gloss texture similar to rough cement.

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