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Pearl-Ex Mica Pigments are non-toxic, inert powdered pigments that exhibit extreme colourfastness and stability. They are ideal for interior, exterior and archival applications. They can be incorporated into any viscous medium, such as oil, acrylic, gouache, varnish and clay, or they can be spread dry on any porous or tacky surface. Their temperature resistance allows them to be fired in a kiln up to 600 degrees. Standard Pearl Colours range in effect from a fine, smooth pearly lustre, to a highly metallic sheen, depending on the colour; Interference Colours provide a chameleon changability at different light angles;
Set Includes twelve 3 g jars with the following colors: Also includes a project book "Perfectly Pearl Ex" by Susan Rothamel Pickering. JAC650 Micropearl swatch, 650 Micropearl, JAC652 Macropearl swatch, 652 Macropearl, JAC654 Super Russet swatch, 654 Super Russet, JAC655 Super Copper swatch, 655 Super Copper, JAC656 Brillian Gold swatch, 656 Brilliant Gold, JAC657 Sparkle Gold swatch, 657 Sparkle Gold, JAC663 Silver swatch, 663 Silver  JAC664 Super Bronze swatch, 664 Super Bronze, JAC665 Sunset Gold swatch  665 Sunset Gold, JAC673 Interference Violet swatch, 673 Interference Violet, JAC674 Interference Gold swatch, 674 Interference Gold, JAC680 Duo Red-Blue swatch, 680 Duo Red-Blue
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