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SKU: DC33900
To create your best art you need the best light. Here is one innovative light source that's both stylish and functional, combining the latest in daylight simulation technology with the grace of a contemporary accent piece.

Portable and flexible, the Professional Artists Lamp is the only lamp on the market that can be moved from your floorstanding easel to work bench or drafting table within a matter of seconds! Complete with an 18 watt low heat, daylight bulb (equivalent to a 100 watt tungsten bulb) it provides a flood of natural light, giving you true colours and clarity of vision.

In addition, the flexible arm can be adjusted to allow the light source to be positioned at any angle to suit your work.

The lamp comes complete with two clamps; one that you can fix to any floorstanding metal or wooden easel and a second clamp that attaches to all tables, work benches and drafting tables. So whatever your desired location, you can move your lamp from floor to table (and back again!) within seconds and not have to worry about re-affixing the clamp into position.

Light Source: 18w low heat, daylight simulation, high light output bulb (equivalent to a 100w tungsten bulb) giving excellent color matching and improved clarity

Supplied with: two clamps and bulb.
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