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SKU: MV32303
New from Monteverde USA® , the Limited Edition Regatta Northern Lights™, is a breathtaking writing instrument reminiscent of the spectacular dancing lights, swirls, and rays of the Aurora Borealis. Substantial in size and weight, the new Regatta Northern Lights™ keeps the original style and design of the wildly successful Regatta™ collection but with an exclusive twist. With gunmetal trim and genuine carbon fiber bands between segments of multicolored plating, this new finish is sure to stun. Each pen displays a blend of metallic purple, green, blue and gold hues, that when rotated creates an ever-changing spectrum of color as unique and mystical as the natural auroras themselves. The magnetic closure for both capping and posting the fountain and roller ball pens make each pen fast and efficient for everyday use.The fountain pen’s flexible stainless steel nib is available in medium and uses a threaded ink converter (included) or ink cartridges.
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