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Use Grafix New Rub-Onz to design your own rub-on transfers, quick and easy. Customize your own fonts, photos and clip art to create rub-ons that go on all kinds of surfaces.

Grafix Rub-Onz transfer film comes with two films; a Frosted Rub-Onz film for drawing or printing your design and an Adhesive Film with a blue liner.
Create your own Rub-Onz in 3 easy steps... 1)create a design using an Ink Jet or Laser printer, rubber stamp or draw by hand. 2)Apply the Adhesive Film over the image. 3)Remove the backing, turn over and rub onto surface to transfer image. 4)Remove the last liner to reveal your transferred image. Apply to all types of paper surfaces, chipboard, transparencies, glass, wood and most non porous surfaces.

Grafix Transparent Rub-Onz has a permanent adhesive and are Acid Free!

Available in 8.5"x11" packs of 4 sheets.
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