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SKU: TE2331270
Non-toxic, workable, and fully archival, SpectraFix is a casein-based fixative that utilizes milk protein and grain alcohol to hold and protect your media without dulling or darkening colors. Because it's all-natural and odor-free, you can spray your project indoors while you work — no more odors, unhealthy fumes, or long waits outdoors!

Endorsed by artists, teaching professionals, and educators alike, SpectraFix easily disperses a fine cloud of fixative mist over artwork, leaving colors brilliant without altering the hue. It dries quickly to an invisible, non-yellowing, matte finish, and provides traction to allow multiple layering of pastels.

SpectraFix is ideal for use with pastel, charcoal, watercolor, gouache, Conté crayon, casein, under oil paints, and for crossover techniques.
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