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SKU: TAR5534
A unique watercolour experience! This revolutionary new watercolour surface is made of 100% cotton, with a unique texture of an all natural woven material, in combination with a proprietary patented, specially formulated acid-free coating.

The advantages include durability to allow you to frame artwork with or without glass (it is recommended that an artist quality UV finishing spray be used to frame without glass), no buckling such as is encountered with traditional papers, and great lifting quality, allowing you to make adjustments and corrections to the point of washing out the entire image and starting over! Watercolour Canvas will not tear like paper can, so you can scratch it, scrape it, staple it, wet it and re-wet it and it will not damage your canvas.

These archival stretched canvasses are professional grade, stapled on the back to allow you to paint on all four edges - may be displayed without a frame!

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