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SKU: HTX3201
All aluminium handles are designed for in-the-hand comfort, textured for firm grip, and balanced for control in use.

No. 1 Knife has a 4-7/8" aluminium handle with no. 11 blade for delicate precision cutting of light-weight materials like paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth, film and acetate. Gripster Knife features a soft, rubberized barrel for comfort and control, and rear blade release for easy, safe replacement; uses No. 11 blades. No. 11 Blade for the No. 1 Knife and Gripster Knife, sharp angle for detail cutting, available in packages of 5 or 100 blades.

No. 2 Knife has a 5" handle with No. 2 blade for precision cutting of medium to heavyweight materials like wood, board, paper, plastic, metal, cloth, film, and acetate.

No. 5 Knife has 4-1/2" plastic handle with No 19 blade for heavy pressure cutting of heavyweight materials like wood, matboard, cardboard, paper, plastic, metal and foamboard. Hexagonal handle prevents rolling and provides sure grip.

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